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16 Jan 2020 | Category : News
BFI Finance Inaugurates Clean Water Supply Facility for Hundreds of Families in Central Sulawesi

BFI Finance inaugurates clean water supply facility to meet the needs of around 300 families to be used for public facilities, such as mosques and schools, in Sigi Regency and Palu City.

01 Jan 2020 | Category : News
Encouraging Healthy Living To People, BFI Finance Builds Sanitation Facilities

The availability of sanitation facilities in our daily activities is absolutely necessary to live a healthy life.

01 Jan 2020 | Category : News
Encouraging Education Development, BFI Finance Distributes Aid and Renovates Teaching and Learning Facilities

BFI Finance distributes aid and renovates teaching and learning facilities in several cities last year.

11 Dec 2019 | Category : News
Complementing The Achievement, BFI Finance Achieves Top 20 Financial Institutions 2019 In End of Year

BFI Finance continued to thrive by winning the "Top 20 Financial Institutions 2019" award, an appreciation from The Finance, a digital magazine from Infobank Group.

03 Dec 2019 | Category : Activities
Creating Quality HR, BFI Finance Holds Agile Thought Community Meetup

BFI Finance held the first "BFI Agile Thought Community (BATC, read: batik) Meetup" at BSD, South Tangerang.

23 Nov 2019 | Category : Events
BFI Finance Hands Over Entrepreneurship Competition Prize of BFI Coffeepreneur to Small and Medium-sized Coffee Entrepreneurs in Palembang

In order to support the development of Small and Medium Industries (IKM) as one of the arteries of the Indonesian economy, BFI Finance appreciates Small and Medium-sized coffee entrepreneurs in Palembang.