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03 Dec 2019 | Category : Activities
Creating Quality HR, BFI Finance Holds Agile Thought Community Meetup

BFI Finance held the first "BFI Agile Thought Community (BATC, read: batik) Meetup" at BSD, South Tangerang.

23 Nov 2019 | Category : Events
BFI Finance Hands Over Entrepreneurship Competition Prize of BFI Coffeepreneur to Small and Medium-sized Coffee Entrepreneurs in Palembang

In order to support the development of Small and Medium Industries (IKM) as one of the arteries of the Indonesian economy, BFI Finance appreciates Small and Medium-sized coffee entrepreneurs in Palembang.

22 Nov 2019 | Category : News
BFI Finance, Most-preferred Financing Company By Indonesian Employers of Choice Awards 2019

BFI Finance is among the top nine financing companies of choice according to research from SWA Magazine and global consultant Korn Ferry.

16 Nov 2019 | Category : Activities
BFI Finance Supports the Renovation Programs for Library and Sanitation Facility of an Elementary School in Rumpin, Bogor

One of the CSR programs of BFI Finance that is running intensively in 2019 is called the Regional CSR Program. For this occasion, the Region 5 of BFI Finance led by Susinto Tenggono, Regional Manager of Jakarta & Banten

07 Nov 2019 | Category : News
Creating The Best Service Innovation, BFI Finance Receives Opexcon 2019 Award

The efforts of BFI Finance to deliver excellent service to the community encourages BFI Finance to continuously innovate.

06 Nov 2019 | Category : News
BFI Finance Once Again Receives Award From APPI for The Company’s Positive Performance

Despite the prolonged challenging economic conditions up until this year, BFI Finance continues to record positive performance.