Core Values

The Company has core values that shall be well understood and upheld as corporate culture. Our values are known as “GREAT”, which stands for Grow and Improve Continuously, Respect and Care, Excellent Service, Absolute Integrity, and Trust and Team Spirit. The understanding and compliance with corporate culture is very important to maintain growth and business sustainability.
Grow and Improve Continuously
This value refers to the Company’s commitment to grow all the time; both from quality and quantity sides; in termsof business development and human capital power, of more effective and productive thinking and action, as well as of process and actual work result in supporting the growth of the organization. Commitment for this development is also followed with consistent and sustainable improvement in all aspects, to name a few, the development of organization, business, product, work processes and quality of human capital.
Respect and Care
Giving respect and showing care is the Company’s culture that shall be carried out consistently, not only limited to fellow employees but also to many aspects related to the organization. Respect here means to give respect to fellow employees by appreciating any existing differences; both in terms of way of thinking and action; and finding uniformity to build the Company even stronger. Meanwhile, care here means care about the condition and situation of the Company and always take part to support the Company’s accomplishment in any situation.
Excellent Service
This value is defined as continuous demand to deliver customer satisfaction. This thinking is essential as the Company’s guidance in preparing the principles of policy and strategy, business activities, decision-making process, and service provision.
Absolute Integrity
Integrity refers to virtue and balance between the perspective, words and acts against the existing situation and condition, including honesty, sincerity, and commitment to a condition. Integrity is also reflected on how employees balance the conformity and consistency between words and conduct (walk the talk) to make the Company efficient and stable. Integrity is visible when doing right and having the courageto admit one’s mistake in order to create a transparent andpositive culture.
Trust and Team Spirit
Intact and optimum cooperation can be obtained from the trust that is built through various conditions. Mutual trust constitutes the primary capital of the organization to bind and tighten the relationship among fellow employees, between employees and the Company and the other way round. Mutual trust to good faith and positive spirit for the advancement of the organization becomes the groundwork for the establishment of long-term relationship and cooperation.