Code of Conduct Principles


The Code of Conduct Principles applies to all BFI’s activities; from headquarters to branches, and to all employees. All authorized elements within BFI are responsible to ensure that these Principles are wholly conveyed towards employees to be followed strictly.

BFI conducts its business with honesty, integrity, and transparency, and with respect towards shareholders’, employees’, and stakeholders’ interest.

Corporate Responsibilities

BFI acknowledges the following 5 (five) scopes of its responsibilities:

Towards Shareholders

We conduct business to improve shareholders’ values based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance. BFI intends to provide optimal results by providing dividends for shareholders and retain enough funds to maintain the Company’s growth. BFI values its good relationship with shareholders and will provide detailed, accurate, punctual and trustworthy information regarding its business, financial condition and business results.

Towards Customers

We are committed to obtain and maintain customers with financial services that provide added values for customers in terms of benefits and costs.

Towards Employees

We value employees as an important resource and will recruit, employ, provide trainings and promote them based on qualifications and capabilities. Furthermore, we are responsible for creating a conducive workplace and ensure employees’ safety.

Towards Stakeholders

We always maintain mutually beneficial relationships with creditors, business partners, and other stakeholders and enforce these principles to realisation.

Towards Community

As a member of the society, we will always conduct business in a responsible manner by abiding by rules and regulations in locations where we operate and ensuring that the Company’s activities do not violate the human rights. 

The Company’s contributions are intended to improve the quality of life in its surrounding vicinities and to provide direct benefits to all recipients.

Business Integrity

BFI and all of its branches uphold honesty, integrity and fairness throughout all the Company’s business aspects and expect the same thing from all stakeholders. All business transactions on the Company’s behalf must be recorded accurately in line with standard operating procedures and subject to audit. All employees must put aside their personal interest when conducting the Company’s business.

Operational Business Commitment

Company’s Assets Utilisation and Protection

BFI will ensure that every employee is responsible for proper use, protection and preservation of assets and Company resources. Companies’ assets and resources as well as any opportunities that arise on the basis of one's position, must be used solely for the interests of corporate objectives and not for personal gain.

BFI’s employees must not misuse their positions to gain profit for their or other’s personal gain.

Information Disclosure

BFI views information regarding business strategy is a crucial asset that must be protected from theft, violation, misuse and inappropriate exposure.

Insider Trading

BFI enforces insider trading regulations to all its employees. This means that insider information that could affect BFI’s share price must be kept confidential until authorized disclosure. Furthermore, employees with access to sensitive information that could affect the BFI’s share price and related rights must not be involved with direct or indirect transaction of BFI’s shares and other related rights.

Company’s Core Values

In its implementation, the Company has advised the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and all employees, regardless of their position, that they must comply with the highest level of ethical standards embedded in Core Value of the Company. Management and employees of the Company are encouraged to understand and obey to the core values, which is very important in keeping the sustainable growth of the Company. The Company’s core values which is abbreviated by GREAT, stand for, Grow and Improve Continuously, Respect and care, Excellent Service, Absolute integrity, and Trust and Team Spirit. The following core values define the business principles as behavioral guidelines for employees within the scope of their job internally and externally. 

Grow and Improve Continuously

This value constitutes the Company’s commitment to grow all the time; both from quality and quantity sides; in terms of business development and human capital power, more effective and productive thinking and act, as well as process and factual work result in supporting the growth of the organization. Commitment for this development is also followed with consistent and sustainable improvement in all aspects, which are in the development of organization, business, product, work processes and quality of human capital. 

Respect and Care

Giving respect and showing care represent the Company’s culture that is carried out consistently, not only limited among fellow employees but also across the organization. Giving respect to fellow employees by appreciating any existing differences; both in terms of thinking and act; and finding uniformity to build the Company even stronger. Care about the condition and situation of the Company, and join in to support the Company’s accomplishment in any situation. 

Excellent Service 

This value is defined as continuous demand to create satisfaction in rendering service to customers; both internal and external customers. This thinking is essential as the Company’s guidance in preparing the principles of policy and strategy, business activities, decision-making process, and service provision. 

Absolute Integrity

Integrity covers totality and balance between the perspective, words and acts against the existing situation and condition, and inclusive honesty, sincerety, and commitment to a condition. Integrity is also reflected in conformity and consistency between words and conduct as indicated by employee (walk the talk) in performing the Company’s regulation for the advancement of the organization. Integrity is visible when doing right and having the courage to admit one’s mistake in order to create a transparent and positive culture. 

Trust and Team Spirit

Intact and optimal cooperation is obtainable from the trust that is built through various condition. Mutual trust constitute the primary capital of the organization to bind and tighten the relationship among fellow employees, between employees and the Company and the reverse.  Mutual trust to good faith and positive spirit for the advancement of the organization becomes the groundwork for the establishment of long term relationship and cooperation. 

The Company’s Core Values are the base for all the members of the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and employees to conduct the business in accordance to the Company’s core values.